Natalia Taylar | Maryville High School

Natalia is one of my Maryville High School reps, and not only is she gorgeous she is also crazy talented!!  Check out her music:

Here are some of my favorites from her shoot!  Shoutout to Shiela Moore for her amazing makeup as well!

maryville-photographer_0018 maryville-photographer_0017 maryville-photographer_0016 maryville-photographer_0015 maryville-photographer_0014 maryville-photographer_0013 maryville-photographer_0012 maryville-photographer_0011 maryville-photographer_0010 maryville-photographer_0009 maryville-photographer_0008 maryville-photographer_0007 maryville-photographer_0006 maryville-photographer_0005 maryville-photographer_0004 maryville-photographer_0003 maryville-photographer_0002 maryville-photographer_0001


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